What an exciting week we’ve had at Maxi’s!

The children have been playing non stop this week its difficult to keep track of their activities.

On Monday a group of children went to Howden Library to pick out some lovely books, some children picked out wildlife books, there was a Spanish translation book, some Star Wars books but mainly books about nature and animals.

Some of our children have been practising writing on whiteboards, they have enjoyed writing letters from the alphabet and numbers 1 to 18.

Some children played with the cars in the garden, they set out the car mat and enjoyed creating characters and stories for the cars.

The children did some lovely drawing, painting and sticking on Friday last week for our life cycle of the caterpillar display board the children had lots of fun and asked lots of questions about butterflies and caterpillars.

News on our Caterpillars- What exciting news we have for you all, this morning (Friday) when staff entered Maxi’s we noticed one butterfly had emerged from its cocoon! The children were so excited to see it (even if its nearly a week late), they stayed close by to the butterfly all morning waiting to see what it did next. The butterfly did lots of walking around its new home and spread its wings briefly before children went to school. So far its the only butterfly to have come out of its cocoon but we are very hopeful that the rest will be out by the end of the day. There is however one VERY cheeky caterpillar that has still not cocooned!

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