Red Nose Day

At Maxi’s this week the children have been busy raising money for Red Nose Day. They have been baking lots of yummy buns and selling red noses and joke books.
The children went for a visit to the library on Monday where they found some new books from world book day. The staff at the library let the children stamp their own books which was very exciting!

Some of the children at Maxis have been writing their own stories this week, they have been lovely to read!
Last week one of the Maxi parents kindly donated some toys for the children. So far the air pumping one is the best, the children each have a person which they have to inflate. They race each other to see who can pump their person up first.

Some of the children have also been painting pictures of their red noses, they spent a lot of time looking at their noses and selecting the right width brush and the right paint to use. When they had finished they proudly showed them to all their friends.


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