Half Term at Maxi’s!

We have had a super busy week at Maxi’s over half term.
The children took part in some science experiments with ice and magnets, they enjoyed getting messy in the gloop, shaving foam, sticky rice and pretend snow which the children made faces in.

The children also really enjoyed making hama bead key rings, they picked a design board and then placed beads onto the slots creating patterns.
On Friday the children went to Pets At Home in Selby to buy a new pet fish for our room. The children behaved really well in the store and politely asked questions about the pets. One of our older boys picked the fish out that we would like. We still haven’t chosen a name for our fish so any suggestions are welcome. After we had picked a fish the children all asked if they could look at the other pets. We found rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, degus and rats.

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