Garden Activities

This week at Maxi’s the children have been making the most of the warm weather and have enjoyed many activities in the garden.
They have been playing with our new Gladiator inflatable toys and holding matches to see who is the strongest!
The children have been balancing on hoppers and tyres which they used in a variety of ways and creating obstacle courses with tyres and milk crates.
Some of the children have been splashing around in the water tray making bubbles and watching the water flow.

On Monday we went to play on the Howden Field as the park is being re-built, we had so much fun playing football, tennis, catch with frisbees and playing lots of different games with the parachute!

One of our children played with the shells making funny faces, she has just come back of her very sunny holiday and had lots of stories to tell us, she saw many shells when she was on holiday but not many like ours.

On Wednesday the children found they had some new friends to see! They were very excited to find we have some caterpillars at Maxi’s! The children spent a long time observing them as they ate their food and watching them crawl around their home. The children were telling all their friends that the caterpillars will soon turn into a Chrysalis, then Butterflies!

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