Fun and Maxis

This week at Maxi’s the children have been busy making play dough, we used red food colouring, flour, salt and water then we mixed it all together. Our play dough turned pink not red! We have had so much fun rolling the dough, shaping it and using cutters to make little people.
Some of the children have been creating some lovely pictures to put on our display boards, we made some Easter eggs, coloured in some bunnies and chicks and made some sticky Easter pictures.

We asked some of the children to draw bikes for our Tour De Yorkshire display that we are doing, they’re a bit tricky to draw but we have had some brilliant looking bikes.
The children have been making the most of the dry almost sunny days by playing in the garden, they built an amazing den using blankets, pegs, the water tray and our new milk crates! When they had finished the children took torches to play with in it.
Two of our older boys have been making some origami figures this week, they have brought in books from home which give step-by-step instructions on how to make a variety of things. It looks very tricky!

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