Fun and Maxis

This week at Maxi’s the children have been playing in the garden with our new basketball hoop! They have really enjoyed trying to shoot the basketball through the hoop, the older boys and girls have been patient with the younger children and helped them to shoot the ball into the net. The girls at Maxi’s have enjoyed doing lots of gymnastic activities, they have done lots of cartwheels, handstands and round offs.

We had the parachute out on Wednesday and the children really enjoyed bouncing an inflatable ball up high into the sky!
The children have been playing hide and seek this week, they found a cardboard box to hide in but it soon broke because the children started going for rides in it while other children pulled the box.

Our caterpillars have gotten so big now! The children have all noticed how big they are and how much of their food they have eaten. We are all very excited as next week they should hopefully start to form cocoons!

Sand! We now have some sand in the garden and the children have really enjoyed playing in it with buckets and spades trying to build sandcastles. One of the adults put some shells in the sand tray and the children put them to their ears and they could hear the sea!

On Tuesday we put some ice out into the garden to help keep the children cool in the sunshine, the children enjoyed exploring in the ice and looking for objects like marbles and shells. Once the ice had been broken into smaller chunks some of the children chased staff and their friends trying to put ice on them to cool them down!

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