Easter Holidays Part 2

It’s the last week of the holidays and the children have been making it an exciting week.
Tuesday- The weather was so nice today that the children spent most of the day outside, they spent a lot of time in the park and on the fields around the park, the boys played football and dodgeball at the park. In the afternoon the children played a few games of pool- they are very competitive, and then because they were all so hot we had a little water fight. The staff got wet than the children!

Wednesday- Today the children played some board games such as Minion Monopoly and Minion Operation. The staff at Maxi’s built the wooden fort with the help of the children and they played knights and dragons with it. Some of the children moved the tyres in the garden and found some wriggly wood lice, the staff were not as brave as the children were! As the weather was nice again the children asked if they could play cricket on the fields near the park. We spent most of the afternoon playing cricket and rounders, the children were very good at this game!

Thursday- Today we went on a trip to Tropical World in Leeds where we spent most of the day, the children had so much fun in Tropical World, and there were lots of different animals and bugs to see. Our favourites were the Butterflies, Lizards, Meerkats and Bats. It was so warm inside that the children started rolling their trousers up! After we had finished the children all bought a little something from the gift shop and then we had lunch. After Lunch the children spent a bit of time in the play park near Tropical World there was lots to do in the park but their favourite thing to do was to roll down a hill repeatedly! Then we had ice creams and went home where nearly all the children fell asleep!

Friday- Today we went to the Vue Cinema in York to watch Home, the children were very excited about this film and so were the staff! We got stuck in the holiday traffic but the children were kept entertained with a game of I-spy. The film was very funny and the children were very well behaved and during the film they even had some popcorn and sweets! The children built an obstacle course in the garden today using their imaginations and they had fun completing it.

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