Easter Holidays at Maxi’s week 1

This week the children have been so busy it’s difficult to keep up with it all.

This week the children have been so busy it’s difficult to keep up with it all.
Monday- The children made some lovely Easter pictures using foam pieces, paints and tissues paper. We went for a visit to Howden Park where the children enjoyed a huge game of tig! The children played in the flour in the malleable tray, writing their names, drawing pictures and shapes with their fingers. We finished the day with an egg and spoon race in the garden, the children raced multiple times and they all won a prize and medal!

Tuesday- Today we had an Easter egg hunt around Maxi’s, the children worked in teams and used baskets to hold the eggs they’d found in. They had to find 8 eggs each to win a prize. They all won a bag of chocolate treats! We had two chefs in the role play area today cooking up a treat for all their friends. We did some baking today, the children made yummy rice crispie buns and decorated them with Easter themed sprinkles.

Wednesday- Today was April Fools Day and the Maxi staff had lots of fun pranking the children, we hid their coats before going on a trip to the park, we changed the clock time to make them think they had longer to wait for their lunches and we “lost” one of the children and had to pretend to look for him! On Tuesday the children had asked if they could do the coke and Mentos experiment today so the children set up the bottle of coke in the garden and put lots of Mentos in it before the coke fizzed out everywhere. We also went to Howden Library where the children looked through some new books and picked out some nice ones to bring back to Maxi’s.

Thursday- Today the children went to West Park in Goole to play on the play equipment there. They had lots of fun riding on the zip wire and spinning on the roundabouts. After we got back to Maxi’s the staff bought the children a nice ice lolly from the local shop which they ate after their lunches.


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