Here at Munchkins we endeavour to create a trusting bond with your child to ensure that they feel welcome and confident with us. We strive to create a fun, vibrant and interactive environment where your child is respected as an individual. We have open and clear communication between our staff and parents as we want to work together with you to provide a safe, home from home environment to ensure that your child is happy, relaxed and comfortable at all times.

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Munchkins is a place where fun and laughter is an important part of the day and we strive to create a positive, secure atmosphere where we can encourage your child to develop.

  • socially
  • emotionally
  • intellectually
  • physically and culturally

Under 2’s Room

Our under 2’s room is bright, colourful and an exciting place to be. We can have up to nine children in this room and it has a real home from home feel. The majority of the day is based around free flow play. Most of the toys are at the children’s level for them to choose and engage in .Set activities are on offer if your child wishes to take part; this could be anything from baking, sticking and painting, to building, exploring and music making! The activities and the room environment are aimed at covering all areas of the EYFS to help and develop each individual child. To give every child the stimulation they need we clean and rotate the toys on a daily bases. We link what we replenish the room with, with the daily observations we have made to enable the children to continuously extend their development.

Over 2’s Room

Learning through play and exploration is the main focus in the over 2’s room. The environment is designed to be stimulating and the key element to the room is free flow provision to support the EYFS guidelines, which allow the children to develop into independent individuals. We love to get messy and some of our favourite materials to explore with are: shaving foam, gloop and soap flakes. We do have pre-school time for older children where we plan using the EYFS. Communication, Language and Literacy,( recognising and writing their own names), Problem solving Reasoning and Numeracy, (floating/ sinking, colour recognition) and Knowledge and Understanding of the World (mini beast patch, computer time) are just some of the activities we do. These are recorded and often used in children’s learning journeys to show their development whilst they with us at Munchkins. All of these provide them with a solid foundation for learning before they start school.

Outside Area

Our outside area is accessible from both rooms.

We have a sensory area, in which we have a mud kitchen, mini beast hotel, planting station, textured number rubbing boards and lots more.

We also have an area with astro turf and a large chalk board, along with an area of soft pore flooring and a number snake where children can ride bikes, cars and scooters etc.







Snacks & Food

Snack BGYour child can have their breakfast with us should you wish upon arriving. Breakfast consists of a choice of cereal such as Weetabix or Cornflakes.

We provide a healthy nutritious snack both during a morning and afternoon session, this could be fresh fruit, dried fruit, granola and yoghurt, toast, cheese and apple, vegetable sticks etc. This is placed on our independence table along with appropriate cutlery, each child then chooses if and when they would like to have some.

We give all our parents the option of having their child’s meals prepared by us at nursery or alternatively bringing along a packed lunch/tea. We are happy to heat up any meals brought in from home. This gives you as a parent the opportunity to choose which way your child enjoys a nutritious meal.

Food brought in which needs to be in the refrigerator will be done so as soon as your child arrives. All our staff hold a food hygiene certificate and all food is stored appropriately following food hygiene standards.

Meal Times

  • Breakfast: 7.15am – 8.30am
  • Snack AM: 9.30am
  • Lunch: 11:30 – 12:00pm
  • Snack PM: 2.30pm
  • Tea: 4.00pm


For up to date prices please contact us.

Fees are calculated from September – August with one monthly amount to be paid in advance.

Children can use 3 & 4 year old funding within Munchkins from the term after their 3rd birthday.

2 year old funding also accepted.

We accept a wide range of childcare vouchers. With childcare vouchers you can save around £1,000 per year or double if both parents claim.

  • Full Day
  • Morning or Afternoons
  • Lunch
  • Tea
  • Both Lunch & Tea
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